Emerging hybrid governance to foster low-emission rural development in the amazon frontier

Trecho da conclusão do artigo de Carolina Milhorance e Marcel Bursztyn, Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Brasilia (CDS/UnB), publicado na Land Use Policy:

All of the above contributed to bringing distinct and competing political actors together around a progressive and long-term sustainable development plan. This positions the PCI with the potential to support regulation of social and environmental dimensions in agricultural development.
With respect to the private sector, PCI offers a platform to identify potential business cases and lower risks of sourcing by international companies and traders in Mato Grosso, which would contribute to the expansion of market access for the producers based in the state.
For NGOs and family farming associations, PCI provides a less asymmetric arena of debate and a space for raising funds while offering their agendas higher visibility International donors are assured more predictability and optimisation of resource allocation, ensuring coherence between their investments and regionally- agreed development plans.
These characteristics by themselves do not lead to linear or predictable path towards corporatist forms of governance favouring agribusiness local elites. The reality of national and regional politics will shape the process and its achievements. Undoubtedly, a certain degree of inconsistency and incoherence may be expected, due to the complexities involved in addressing sustainability challenges, conflicting objectives, and mutually exclusive interests, but these may also represent a source of further policy innovation.
This experience confirms the argument of Arvor et al. (2018), according to whom Mato Grosso may further remain in the leading edge of the experimentation of innovative governance models in the tropics.


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